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"Wonder Woman" Did It!

Remember the “South Park” episode where Butters (Professor Chaos) is trying to come up with an evil plan that is diabolical and original? His minion mocks every plan’s description with the phrase “Simpsons did it!”. ‘Memba that?

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"Steppin' Out"- Razor 2.1 #FlashFiction SciFi Cyberpunk

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Slipped again. Climbing around the underside of a giant ore dish is dangerous and aggravating. But not as irritating as-

“Secure the mag-grapple. Make sure it clicks before you reach for a handhold. That’s a power coupling, kick out to avoid it.”

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#FlashFiction "All In for One Last Sin" by Tom Tinney (Cyberpunk Dystopian)

The cracked lines of marred silkscreened writing ran across the green felt on the table. It was worn and frayed, with lighter patches where 100 years of spilled drinks and tossed chips had damaged the surface. If Ace could read 22rd century Chianglish, he would’ve seen that his current hand...Read More »

My Proud Papa Moment

What’s writing do for me?
It gives me an outlet for my vivid, and constantly in motion, imagination.
It lets me create a product that will generate...Read More »

Writing Realistic and Entertaining Dialogue

I was asked “How did you learn to write the entertaining and realistic dialogue in your novels?”.

My first response was “How the hell would I know? It just comes out.”

I quickly realized that answer doesn’t help anyone and didn’t really answer the question. I had to think about it,...Read More »

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