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What to do with that last $4.99 on the @Amazon gift card? Oh, and a @Patreon update.

Happy New Year From the Biker Nerd!

Yeah, that’s not a picture of me…anymore. I’m a lot more mellow in my later years. (But you can buy that gnome on Amazon by clicking picture).

The Biker-Nerd has found TWO big giveaways for Science Fiction books.

First, starting Nov 27th is the “Spaceships and Blasters” giveaway. Full of Space Opera and Mil/SF books. Get it here : Instafreebies Space Opera-MilSF


AND THIS ONE!! More SciFito feed...Read More »

Not another "Buy My Book" Post. Happy Thanksgiving with World's Greatest Stuffing recipe.

Since I began writing novels in 2013, I have come to know a LOT of Self-published and Small Press published authors. We tend to belong to the same social media groups and forums. It seems like just about every post, comment, email or newsletter “we” produce is chocked...Read More »

#Instafreebie Sci-Fi Mystery Shorts Just In Time for Halloween!

Oct 20th thru Oct 31st…all FREE!! Trying to start and stay engrossed in a book between passing out candy and chasing off #Halloween pranksters is next to impossible. I have the solution….use the Instafreebie give away to download 20+ Sci-Fi mystery short stories from Oct 20th thru the 31st....Read More »

20+ Short Story filled #SciFi anthology to help one of our own

Beyond a simple anthology, “QUESTION OF THE DAY” is a tribute to one of our own.

Andre Polk was a member of Space Opera and Space Opera: Writers Facebook groups (I’m an admin for the writers group). He was working...Read More »

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