Over 100 free books and my @Scalzi Rant goes viral.

That’s a Pile of Books!

Do you like free stuff? I like free stuff (insert face of kid talking to Ralphie and excited to see Santa in “A Christmas Story”).

First time authors, established authors, and people offering the first books in their series, have come together to offer a HUGE Insta-freebie to their newsletter mailing lists. LOTS of books in a variety of genres and sub-genres. Oh…and they’re free.

Well, there is a caveat…to download a specific offering, you typically have to sign up for that author’s newsletters. Click the picture above or follow this link: 100 free books to pick and choose the books that excite you. ENJOY!

Scalzi Rant on Facebook Fan Page

Larry Correia, Urban Fantasy Author of the popular Monster Hunter International Series (and inspiration for my own Short Story “G-Raff”), has been really good about supporting “up and coming” authors with his very popular “Book Bomb”, a review and link on his Website, as well as through social media. It is well known in the indie author back-alley haunts, where we talk about publisher conspiracies and our next book ideas,  that an #ILOH (International Lord of Hate) Book Bomb can kick-start book sales and build a fan base.

And apparently the same thing happens when Larry does a drive-by repost of an obscure author’s Facebook rant.

A little background. John Scalzi wears his self-hating Social Justice Warrior stripes PROUDLY on his sleeve. This leads him to paint his hate with a wide brush, as he feeds his brand of self-righteous BS into the shallow end of the gene pool (IE: Anyone that still reads AND ENJOYS his stuff). Johnny-boy made a huge deal about trying to make the 2017 Dragoon Awards finalist list a banner for “White -Guy Cabals” overrunning the voting using hackers, and our Lizard People Overlord Masters, to pump up the “Non-diverse” voting.(Psst: Women and minorities made the finalist list as well, but that didn’t fit his narrative)

Next, after he showed up as a finalist, he announced that he didn’t want to be on the list, even asking the Dragon Con event folks to remove his name. Oh, and then he “did want to be on the list”, but with reluctance, etc. Since the Dragon Awards are the only ones out there, with any national recognition, that are STRICTLY voted on by the FANS of numerous genre’s and formats, he basically told everyone that nominated him that he hates them and their stupid choices. (IE: The Hugos discriminate against low income people, and minorities, because to vote you have to be a member and spend big bucks on travel. Add to that they feel the need to vote BASED on sex and gender as driving factors, instead of just the work itself, and their affirmative action plantation owner “they can’t make it unless we take care of them” mentality demeans the entire process…but elitism knows no bounds, as it never looks in the mirror)

Fast forward to the days after the awards announcements (we didn’t win in our category, but really are thankful our fans and friends put in enough effort to help us make the finalist list), and then a few more idiotic tweets from John, and I got perturbed. Actually, I got pissed off. Really pissed. And tired of his bullshit. So I ranted on Facebook.

The next morning, as I stepped out of the production meeting at my 9-5 job, I did a quick check with my phone of my book page on Amazon. I literally said “WTF?”. “Blood of Invidia” was climbing the Amazon ratings. Fast.

I wanted to see what was up, so off to the PC I went. That’s when I saw a “Larry Correia mentioned you on Facebook” notice. No, he didn’t. He did a lot more than that. He reposted my rant, with his support of what was said, and his fans responded. Not a normal book bomb, more of a drive-by. Here it is.

“What happened next, Uncle PiR8?”
Well, quiet down and I’ll tell you. The book shot up to 1405th in sales for ALL of Amazon US and cracked the top 30 in three book categories. That’s huge. The #ILOH’s fans really dug it. They bought the books, posted words of support, and shared the link.

That all? Well, that would be enough, but then a post in the Monster Hunter Internal group mentions my “G-Raff” Gnome story.  Comments fly. I could almost see their eye rolls, “Great, another Fanboy writes a crap FanFic story. This is gonna suck!”. Not the case at all. In two days it was read over 1400 times. I have the traffic charts!

I was shocked by the overwhelming positive response to “G-Raff”. People liked it and were posting catch phrases, suggesting it should be in an anthology, and showing much love for the “Redemption” of Rolf and the girls. Some even suggesting the story should be ongoing and I ask Larry to endorse it. (I don’t know how that works, but pretty sure he gets a million requests like that every day, so, rather than be a pain in the ass, I’ll sit here and let “his people” discover it and decide if it is worthy of anything further.)

It’s been a surreal few days. Those rocketing sales, the short story reads, etc. Now the book drifts back down to a normal sales curve, and I keep writing, but it was awesome to have a moment in the Sun and our profound thanks to Mr. Correia and his fans for making that happen!

Thanks For Sharing!

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