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I occasionally find a book, short story or article that I like. Check these out.

#FlashFiction "All In for One Last Sin" by Tom Tinney (Cyberpunk Dystopian)

The cracked lines of marred silkscreened writing ran across the green felt on the table. It was worn and frayed, with lighter patches where 100 years of spilled drinks and tossed chips had damaged the surface. If Ace could read 22rd century Chianglish, he would’ve seen that his current hand...Read More »

Father and Son authors, that have never met, write novel

For Immediate release:

“Some kids build soapbox derby cars with their fathers. My dad and I built an entire universe,” said Morgen Batten, referring to “Blood of Invidia”, the new novel he co-authored with his father, Tom Tinney. While father-son collaborations are nothing new, theirs is unique. They’ve never met...Read More »

"Pest Removal" by Tom Tinney included in "Visions II: Moons of Saturn" #SciFi #ShortStory


This was a fun project and it was great working with Carol Fix (the publisher and editor) on the anthology contribution. The theme as broad, but allowed me to play. The anthology includes work by a number of up and coming SciFi authors (and some old hats) and I’m proud...Read More »

"The Future is Short- Volume 2" is coming with 3 of my #Flashfiction #SciFi stories

Over 70 stories from 40 up and coming authors, including three Short Story by Tom Tinney: “RRA”, “Veteran 10.0” and “Just do It” which won the contest in its given month.

These stories are part of a monthly flash fiction contest run by Jot Russell. They were originally restricted to...Read More »

#RecommendedRead "A Gathering of Heroes" by #PaulEdwinZimmer. #fantasy. Great and fun read. Epic.

“The Gathering of Heroes” is the third book in the Dark Border Series. The first two books were:
“The Lost Prince”   and “King Chondos Ride”.

all of them have intense military drama, great battle scenes and fantasy elements from a unique world. I was sorry to...Read More »

#RecommendedRead "The Master's War' by Mick Farrell #scifi #military #trooper . A great take on Humanity in the big picture.

I read this book in my younger days (back near the stone age…). I call my journey “Troopers in reverse order”, because I didn’t read Starship Troopers by Heinlein until years later. Heinlein’s was more of a social statement, and Farren was more action/individualist. It is a very...Read More »

#RecommendedRead "The Ginger Star" by Leigh Bracket #SciFi #Fantasy

I had searched for this book for a LONG time. I read in back in my Air Force days, along with the rest of the series (Hounds of Skaith and Reavers of Skaith). I loaned the books to someone and never got them back. Over the years, I remembered...Read More »

#RecommendedRead "Beneath the Willow" by Gemma Farrow (@candleskull) 5 star #bookreview

Well written novella. Looking for more by this author.

I enjoyed this short read immensely. We follow a flawed and torn character as his normal life is waylaid by supernatural forces and he must face the tragic loss of his true love .

The author explores the depths of commitment we...Read More »

5 Star Review of "Secrets of Excalibur" by Sahara Foley (@saharaFoley) #RecommendedRead


Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley is an excellent take on the mythology surround King Author and Excalibur. Now, this is not your typical story based around knight and damsels. Nope. This is about what the legend of the sword would be, if continued in our modern society.

A great...Read More »