Tom Tinney joins Space Dock to publish “ManaTech” Series

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I have great news. Space Dock (an imprint of Tickety Boo Press) is taking on the role of publisher for the first three books of my “ManaTech” series.

I’m really excited about working with these folks and getting my FantaSci™ work out there. It’s a departure for me, and them, as Space Dock is dedicated to bringing readers the best Space Opera, Military SF, Post-Apocalyptic, Time Travel and ‘Alien Worlds’ tales that are available. But, we all see the potential in the series and are pressing forward.

Special thanks to Paul Corcoran , acquisitions manager for Space Dock, for shepherding me through this process.

The first work is titled “ManaTech: Mages”. The story begins during the Battle of the Somme in 1918. We follow Tesla, Edison, Luger, Mata Hari and ht eother notable personalities through WWI…in an alternate history that starts with the discovery of “mana”, a force/particle/property that allows imbued people to “think” things into existence. Oh, and for a fantasy twist, there is interaction with another realm full of elves. I call it “FantaSci”.

I’m about 1/2 done with it, with the story completely outlined and arc’d (Tesla pun not intended).  The research has been fun, as I time-frame the characters and plots, populate the post-Victorian world with the right ambience and then ask myself “What would be different if these powerful folks could have pulled something out of thin air?”

Of course, a number of the powerful human “Mages” choose sides in WWI and all that that lets me explore. Did I mention the elves? I’m really going to twist the “Purists” tails by crossing Fantasy mainstays into Scifi and vice versa. It’s been a fun effort so far and I look forward to putting out the novel.

The follow-on books will be “ManaTech: Oathstone” and an as yet unnamed third book.

More information about the ManaTech universe can be found here: ManaTechMages Page







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