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Over 100 free books and my @Scalzi Rant goes viral.

That’s a Pile of Books! Do you like free stuff? I like free stuff (insert face of kid talking to Ralphie and excited to see Santa in “A Christmas Story”). First time authors, established authors, and people offering the first books in their series, have come together to offer a HUGE Insta-freebie to their newsletter […]

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“G-Raff” what’s a Tallee got ta do? A Gnome’s tale

Garden Gnomes are cute, right? Innocent and lovable. That’s what we all thought. Unless you’re a BIG fan of the Monster Hunter International Series by #ILOH Larry Correia, like I am. While reading them, I got this brain worm that turned into a story. Not inspired by the main characters or the deeper stories laid […]

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