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#Instafreebie Sci-Fi Mystery Shorts Just In Time for Halloween!

Oct 20th thru Oct 31st…all FREE!! Trying to start and stay engrossed in a book between passing out candy and chasing off #Halloween pranksters is next to impossible. I have the solution….use the Instafreebie give away to download 20+ Sci-Fi mystery short stories from Oct 20th thru the 31st. They make for quick, but brilliant, […]

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“G-Raff” what’s a Tallee got ta do? A Gnome’s tale

Garden Gnomes are cute, right? Innocent and lovable. That’s what we all thought. Unless you’re a BIG fan of the Monster Hunter International Series by #ILOH Larry Correia, like I am. While reading them, I got this brain worm that turned into a story. Not inspired by the main characters or the deeper stories laid […]

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“FARKED!” -WEBisode 3 by Tom Tinney

FARKED! Webisode 3 by Tom Tinney (Be sure to catchup on the story by reading previous WEBisodes first, PULPED! and KINKED!  and  sincere thanks to Angela Pike for helping me find a drop some proper Scottish vibe into the story.)   She was swimming for her life, the long snouted reptile turning and twisting as […]

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“KINKED” WEBisode 2 by Tom Tinney

(Have you read WEBisode 1 “PULPED”?) “Houston, we have a problem.” That joke was getting old. Kevin Houston, Deputy Director of the “Destiny” Mars rover operations at JPL, was on his second shift in a row. He wanted to make Director, some day, and he knew putting in the extra time was one of the […]

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“PULPED”- WEBisode 1

“PULPED” WEBisode 1 By Tom Tinney Sure, the hologram in the office door’s glass said “Detective Agency”, but my clients knew that it was just me and my office gal, Kinky (she’s an ex-holo-porn star). She was good looking, built like most men’s “dream girl” and just the other side of being in her prime. […]

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Short Stories from PiR8

Short Stories available for a free read on this Blog (Click the picture or links) Published works for purchase are listed at the bottom of the page “G-Raff: What’s a Tallee got ta do?” A Gnomes tale by Tom Tinney. Short Story inspired by MHI universe. “All in for One Last Sin” by Tom Tinney. […]

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