#SciFiFav “The Thing From Another World” 1954 B&W. Great movie.

the thing from anotehr world Tom Tinney SciFiFavOne of my all time favorite movies. Alien invader, small pocket of humanity to fight it, isolated location and cheesy “B” movie effects. What more could you ask for?

The writign is crisp and fast paced. This let the actors “play” along during the story. There are memorable quotes and characters types that you “know”. They could be average folks from your everyday life. There was not “Pull some scientific gobbledy gook” out of thin air to slap together some magic weapon to win the day. Nope. Just plain old ingenuity and human courage. Gotta love that.

The actors come across as natural, not stiff. I wish more modern SciFi could come off this way. Kenneth Tobey was a “B” scifi staple in the day, including “It came from beneath the sea” and “The beast from 20,000 fathoms” . We even get a glimpse of James Arness as the creature.

If you want to watch some GREAT opcorn and licrocie SciFi, this one, along with “THEM!” are the two I would recommend any day of the week.

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