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TWO Massive Scifi Book giveaways! Starting Nov 27th and Nov 29th

The Biker-Nerd has found TWO big giveaways for Science Fiction books. First, starting Nov 27th is the “Spaceships and Blasters” giveaway. Full of Space Opera and Mil/SF books. Get it here : Instafreebies Space Opera-MilSF   AND THIS ONE!! More SciFito feed your reading habit. Starts Nov 29th, so set your calendar reminders. Invasion and […]

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Writing Realistic and Entertaining Dialogue

I was asked “How did you learn to write the entertaining and realistic dialogue in your novels?”. My first response was “How the hell would I know? It just comes out.” I quickly realized that answer doesn’t help anyone and didn’t really answer the question. I had to think about it, for a bit, and […]

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#RecommendedRead “The Master’s War’ by Mick Farrell #scifi #military #trooper . A great take on Humanity in the big picture.

I read this book in my younger days (back near the stone age…). I call my journey “Troopers in reverse order”, because I didn’t read Starship Troopers by Heinlein until years later. Heinlein’s was more of a social statement, and Farren was more action/individualist. It is a very “big picture” read with intense one on […]

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It’s the year 2576 and humanity has moved out into the galaxy, establishing the MetroStellar in a new age of manifest destiny. A chance encounter plants an evil seed, and a psychotic killer begins stalking the female population of the MetroStellar. It’s up to the USS Marshal Service to find him before he kills again. […]

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