5 Star Review of “Secrets of Excalibur” by Sahara Foley (@saharaFoley) #RecommendedRead


Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley is an excellent take on the mythology surround King Author and Excalibur. Now, this is not your typical story based around knight and damsels. Nope. This is about what the legend of the sword would be, if continued in our modern society.

A great SciFi/Fantasy/Special abilities tale.

Our main characters, Arthur Merlin (Get it?) and Ruth Burns are feisty and believable (In an unbelievable sort of way). While I think they “fell” for each other a little too quickly, the interactions throughout the rest of the book are honest and entertaining. The book is fun and the action is comes at the right pace. Most of the technical jargon/capabilities are well done and should be easy for the layman to follow.

No spoilers here, but I would recommend the book for a read. The depth of historical research and area knowledge was interesting and appreciated. I am not sure how much was true, but it was all believable. Good job.

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