#RecommendedRead “The Ginger Star” by Leigh Bracket #SciFi #Fantasy

I had searched for this book for a LONG time. I read in back in my Air Force days, along with the rest of the series (Hounds of Skaith and Reavers of Skaith). I loaned the books to someone and never got them back. Over the years, I remembered the story, but forgot the title and author. Perusing various forums, I would post snippets I could remember and ask people if they had heard of or knew of a series of books that had the elements. For years, it was a dead end.

Last year, I posted my recollecting plot lines on LinkedIn and amazingly enough, someone posted a link to “the Ginger Star” . Bingo. I went on Amazon that very day and bought copies of the entire series. I read the books straight through and enjoyed them just as much as I had 30 years ago.

“Ashton had disappeared somewhere—somehow—on Skaith, the dying planet of the Ginger Star, and Stark was determined to find him no matter what the cost.

Everyone on this exotic planet had heard of the strange Dark Man from another world, bur no one was talking. Not the Farers. Not the Wandsmen. Not even the Irnanese.

All clues led to the mysterious North-stronghold of the tyrannical Lords Protector whose impregnable castle fortress was guarded by the infamous telepathic North-hounds. And Stark was on his way, despite the price on his head and the fatal prophecy of a beautiful priestess . . .”

The world building is vivid and the author succinct in their delivery. The characters are believable and easily pull you into their world. The Politics are not so subtle, but enjoyable. Definitely worth a read if you can find them.

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