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Tom Tinney joins Space Dock to publish “ManaTech” Series

I have great news. Space Dock (an imprint of Tickety Boo Press) is taking on the role of publisher for the first three books of my “ManaTech” series. I’m really excited about working with these folks and getting my FantaSci™ work out there. It’s a departure for me, and them, as Space Dock is dedicated […]

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“Threads” now available on Itunes, Nook and Kobo

Like many #Scifi authors, I’ve decided to end my exclusivity with Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Select program by offering “Threads” on Itunes, Kobo and Nook. There were diminishing returns and the Amazon guidelines are being supplanted by staff that have their own agenda for what is “acceptable” to their particular panty twisting political views. […]

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Father and Son authors, that have never met, write novel

For Immediate release: “Some kids build soapbox derby cars with their fathers. My dad and I built an entire universe,” said Morgen Batten, referring to “Blood of Invidia”, the new novel he co-authored with his father, Tom Tinney. While father-son collaborations are nothing new, theirs is unique. They’ve never met in person. Not once. Circumstances […]

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Authors: We’re just gettin’ our “Learn On”

We author’s joke a lot about the NSA checking our browser histories and all of us ending up on a watch list. Why? When a villain in our novel is going commit an evil act, we need to understand the dynamics, pitfalls and effectiveness of that act. We also need to understand how to hide […]

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#WriteStreamRadio interviews Tom Tinney about latest works and #IndieAuthor experience

They let me out onto the Interwebz again, Mwah-ha-ha-ha. Today, I had a great time during my interview by the lovely Daria Anne DiGiovanni for her weekly show, Write Stream Radio. Follow the link and listen to our conversation. We discuss the origin of our “Blood of Invidia” project, how Morgen and I handled the […]

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#RecommendedRead “The Ginger Star” by Leigh Bracket #SciFi #Fantasy

I had searched for this book for a LONG time. I read in back in my Air Force days, along with the rest of the series (Hounds of Skaith and Reavers of Skaith). I loaned the books to someone and never got them back. Over the years, I remembered the story, but forgot the title […]

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