“The Future is Short- Volume 2” is coming with 3 of my #Flashfiction #SciFi stories

tfis2_cover_100dpi-page-001 (2)

Over 70 stories from 40 up and coming authors, including three Short Story by Tom Tinney: “RRA”, “Veteran 10.0” and “Just do It” which won the contest in its given month.

These stories are part of a monthly flash fiction contest run by Jot Russell. They were originally restricted to approx 650 words (One LinkedIn post), with a monthly theme and a couple of elements that had to be included. Every month is new and different. Coming to Amazon in Kindle and paperback soon! (I’ll repost the link)


You can join our merry band of misfits here: Science Fiction readers, writers, collectors, and artists Private Group


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