#WEBisode 3-“FARKED!” by Tom Tinney is now on the website. More #SciFi #Detective #Noir

farked“FARKED!” is HERE.

WEBisode 3 of the “PULPED!” SciFi Detective Noir series is now on the website. Follow the continuing adventures of Redge MacDonald (ex-GISI cop) and Kinky (ex-HoloPorn star) as they run their detective agency on Mars. This time around, they’re recovering from the last case they worked, trying to rebuild the agency (See PULPED!). Redge has a new sidekick and Kinky is not happy. Their new case puts them in the middle of a power play involving the Farkan Imperium’s Royal Line.

You can catch up on the previous WEBisodes “PULPED!” and “KINKED!”, then read this exciting and fun third episode.


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