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#Instafreebie Sci-Fi Mystery Shorts Just In Time for Halloween!

Oct 20th thru Oct 31st…all FREE!! Trying to start and stay engrossed in a book between passing out candy and chasing off #Halloween pranksters is next to impossible. I have the solution….use the Instafreebie give away to download 20+ Sci-Fi mystery short stories from Oct 20th thru the 31st. They make for quick, but brilliant, […]

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“Right Turn Only” #CLFA #ShortStory #Anthology is moving along! Join the Fun

The anthology we’re putting together will be based around actual basic rights. Your story should incorporate, highlight, or otherwise integrate one or more of the rights, ideas or items brought up in the Declaration of Independence or US Constitution’s Bill of Rights (First ten amendments). This can include a story embodying the loss of those […]

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#WEBisode 3-“FARKED!” by Tom Tinney is now on the website. More #SciFi #Detective #Noir

“FARKED!” is HERE. WEBisode 3 of the “PULPED!” SciFi Detective Noir series is now on the website. Follow the continuing adventures of Redge MacDonald (ex-GISI cop) and Kinky (ex-HoloPorn star) as they run their detective agency on Mars. This time around, they’re recovering from the last case they worked, trying to rebuild the agency (See […]

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“The Future is Short- Volume 2” is coming with 3 of my #Flashfiction #SciFi stories

Over 70 stories from 40 up and coming authors, including three Short Story by Tom Tinney: “RRA”, “Veteran 10.0” and “Just do It” which won the contest in its given month. These stories are part of a monthly flash fiction contest run by Jot Russell. They were originally restricted to approx 650 words (One LinkedIn […]

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Short Stories from PiR8

Short Stories available for a free read on this Blog (Click the picture or links) Published works for purchase are listed at the bottom of the page “G-Raff: What’s a Tallee got ta do?” A Gnomes tale by Tom Tinney. Short Story inspired by MHI universe. “All in for One Last Sin” by Tom Tinney. […]

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