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@GrowMyShelf changes HOW Readers find their next book

The problem with @Goodreads, and most other “book library sites” is that they’ve become slaves to the 5 star rating system. One of our favorite movies is “The Incredibles”. Do you remember the bad guy, Syndrome, “Monologuing”? He says something significant as to why we’re building “Grow my Shelf” to combat the 5 star rating […]

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GrowMyShelf The Reader Revolution

The Reader Revolution has Started. GrowMyShelf.com is the most innovative and portal to come to the book reading and publishing since the Epub/Kindle. While we cannot reveal operational and page layouts of the website, and system interactions, at this point we can tell you that there are four distinct parts to the business model. The […]

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Newly Self Published Authors…DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SCAMS!!! Read and LEARN!

  I received another one of “Those” emails. The ones that are long on promises and WAY short on delivery. So, to shine a light on the cockroaches that have their hands out, ready to take the unsuspecting “newbie Author’s” money, I now preach the word. The Truth. Here ye, here ye, they will produce […]

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