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Biker-Nerd’s Novels

Use the drop down menu above to view novels by name. This list includes previously published and works in progress like: “Threads”- Space Opera SciFi “Blood of Invidia”- Galactic conquest, Aliens, Vampires and Werewolves…oh my! “ManaTech: Mages” Alternate History FantaSci (Fantasy and SciFi crossover) You can also view my Author page on Amazon by clicking […]

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“Threads” now available on Itunes, Nook and Kobo

Like many #Scifi authors, I’ve decided to end my exclusivity with Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Select program by offering “Threads” on Itunes, Kobo and Nook. There were diminishing returns and the Amazon guidelines are being supplanted by staff that have their own agenda for what is “acceptable” to their particular panty twisting political views. […]

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Blood Of Invidia

(Cover art by John Gallagher) Some of the best new Science Fiction coming to the genre from a Father and Son author team “Blood of Invidia” is a SciFi First Contact/ Galactic Empire/ Paranormal Action novel. Galaxy conquering Vampires, Shape Shifting Warriors, Yakuza Ninjas and Gray-Skinned visitors. We mix the three things we love. Aliens, […]

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