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#Author Interviews with Tom “PiR8” Tinney (@FOTU_Threads ) about #books #publishing #scifi and being a #biker-nerd

So, PiR8, what the hell have you been up to? Well, besides Writing, Posting, Promoting and generally annoying Society as a whole, I have been doing interviews with various outlets. But PiR8, why would they want to talk to you? (“Butt”-pirate…giggles.) They seem to be interested in the Novel “Threads” or the anthology “The Future […]

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5 Star Review of “Secrets of Excalibur” by Sahara Foley (@saharaFoley) #RecommendedRead

  Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley is an excellent take on the mythology surround King Author and Excalibur. Now, this is not your typical story based around knight and damsels. Nope. This is about what the legend of the sword would be, if continued in our modern society. A great SciFi/Fantasy/Special abilities tale. Our […]

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New Website up and running for Tom Tinney Author

Just a Hello to the Interwebz as we separate the Websites from each other, so this one will be more focused on the writing and less on Biker/Political issues. Welcome and come back soon.

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