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“Wonder Woman” Did It!

Remember the “South Park” episode where Butters (Professor Chaos) is trying to come up with an evil plan that is diabolical and original? His minion mocks every plan’s description with the phrase “Simpsons did it!”. ‘Memba that? After watching “Wonder Woman” (thoroughly enjoyed it, BTW), I realized I was going to get some of the […]

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5 star reviews are rolling in for “Blood of Invidia”, #SciFi novel by Tom Tinney and Morgen Batten

“Blood of Invidia is a work of high imagination, with compelling characters and creatures skillfully plotted into a fantasy that will capture the hearts of readers. The emotional pull might not be so powerful, but the intense action, the well-crafted plot, and the unique concept of the story are original. As one reads on, it […]

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“Threads” now available on Itunes, Nook and Kobo

Like many #Scifi authors, I’ve decided to end my exclusivity with Amazon Kindle and the Kindle Select program by offering “Threads” on Itunes, Kobo and Nook. There were diminishing returns and the Amazon guidelines are being supplanted by staff that have their own agenda for what is “acceptable” to their particular panty twisting political views. […]

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SciFi Novel “Blood of Invidia” Worldwide Release Party

Twice the Parties, TWICE the fun on Oct 21st, 2016! The Blood of Invidia Release Party will be a worldwide event. Even thought they can’t be in the same room, technology lets us bridge the distance and bring both authors together for this special, two part, online book release event. Part one of the “Blood […]

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@GrowMyShelf changes HOW Readers find their next book

The problem with @Goodreads, and most other “book library sites” is that they’ve become slaves to the 5 star rating system. One of our favorite movies is “The Incredibles”. Do you remember the bad guy, Syndrome, “Monologuing”? He says something significant as to why we’re building “Grow my Shelf” to combat the 5 star rating […]

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Newly Self Published Authors…DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SCAMS!!! Read and LEARN!

  I received another one of “Those” emails. The ones that are long on promises and WAY short on delivery. So, to shine a light on the cockroaches that have their hands out, ready to take the unsuspecting “newbie Author’s” money, I now preach the word. The Truth. Here ye, here ye, they will produce […]

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