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Not another “Buy My Book” Post. Happy Thanksgiving with World’s Greatest Stuffing recipe.

Since I began writing novels in 2013, I have come to know a LOT of Self-published and Small Press published authors. We tend to belong to the same social media groups and forums. It seems like just about every post, comment, email or newsletter “we” produce is chocked FULL of “Buy my Book” links. Like […]

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500 Subscribers to the Biker-Nerd Newsletter. You Rock!

500+ All Signed up This is just a quick THANK YOU from the Biker-Nerd Tom Tinney to all of the folks that recently signed up for the newsletter. Now I’m Gonna run down a few items you can look at around the site and give you some updates.   Post #ILOH Bump “Blood of Invidia” […]

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Biker-Nerd’s Novels

Use the drop down menu above to view novels by name. This list includes previously published and works in progress like: “Threads”- Space Opera SciFi “Blood of Invidia”- Galactic conquest, Aliens, Vampires and Werewolves…oh my! “ManaTech: Mages” Alternate History FantaSci (Fantasy and SciFi crossover) You can also view my Author page on Amazon by clicking […]

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