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http://img.webmensajes.com/actitud/136.gifThis is just a quick THANK YOU from the Biker-Nerd Tom Tinney to all of the folks that recently signed up for the newsletter.

Now I’m Gonna run down a few items you can look at around the site and give you some updates.


Post #ILOH Bump

“Blood of Invidia” didn’t win the Dragon Award, but it was great to be a finalist in among the great works that were nominated. Morgen and I are stoked about this. The book got as high as 1405th OVERALL in all of Amazon, and broke the top 200 in SciFi, after a Larry Correia (#ILOH) boost. During that time, we accumulated additional 5 STAR reviews, now totaling 14 in a row. Very cool. Front cover crybabies aside (When you peek inside, you’ll see why it is perfect for the prologue), the book continues to rate high in all of its categories. As you already know, EVERY dime of the book’s royalties goes into the father/son coauthors “Morgen and Tom Get To Meet for the first time” Fund. Sharing the book’s links, writing reviews, and letting people know you liked the book is appreciated (now Sending Special Biker-karma points your way).

You can look at the book blurb on Amazon: Blood of Invidia OR read about the entire process to create it here: Blood of Invidia Page.

BOTH InstaFreebie’s are still up.

“Threads” is 520 pages of Space Opera SciFi (Check out the amazon page here) can be found at this link: Threads Instafreebie

“Pest Removal” is a Mil/SF Short Story originally published as part of the Visions II Anthology. That can be found here: “Pest Removal” InstaFreebie.

Please feel FREE to share these links and free offers in your social networking feeds.

Last, but not least, “G-Raff” went viral.

A Great Response to the “G-Raff” Short story (on this site, inspired by Larry’s Monster Hunter International Universe And free to read), it has been read over 2700 TIMES this month. Not bad.

You can read all 13 pages of it here: “G-Raff: A Gnomes Tale” (There is also a PDF you can download or email me for the MOBI/Epub version).

Whipping the W.I.P.


Work In Process is centered around writing “ManaTech: Mages”. It’s 2/3 solid stuff, and I’m working through the sequences for Act III.

I want to thank all of you that have volunteered to BETA read my next work. That process really helps refine the book and lets me explore other avenues for the story. I’ll be contacting you as soon as the 2nd draft is done. You can check out the premise and 1st chapter draft here: ManaTech: Mages Page


As always, Ride Safe, Ride Often. Nuff’ Said.


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