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Biker-Nerd’s Novels

Use the drop down menu above to view novels by name. This list includes previously published and works in progress like: “Threads”- Space Opera SciFi “Blood of Invidia”- Galactic conquest, Aliens, Vampires and Werewolves…oh my! “ManaTech: Mages” Alternate History FantaSci (Fantasy and SciFi crossover) You can also view my Author page on Amazon by clicking […]

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Tom Tinney joins Space Dock to publish “ManaTech” Series

I have great news. Space Dock (an imprint of Tickety Boo Press) is taking on the role of publisher for the first three books of my “ManaTech” series. I’m really excited about working with these folks and getting my FantaSci™ work out there. It’s a departure for me, and them, as Space Dock is dedicated […]

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@Netflix Originals- What @SyFy channel should have been.

Nary a day goes by in Science Fiction writing and fan groups that a Netflix original show isn’t mentioned, typically with high praise. In those same groups, there is much lamenting and keyboard gnashing about mainstream network shows that were dropped and favorite books that need to be turned into a decent series or movie. […]

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#WriteStreamRadio interviews Tom Tinney about latest works and #IndieAuthor experience

They let me out onto the Interwebz again, Mwah-ha-ha-ha. Today, I had a great time during my interview by the lovely Daria Anne DiGiovanni for her weekly show, Write Stream Radio. Follow the link and listen to our conversation. We discuss the origin of our “Blood of Invidia” project, how Morgen and I handled the […]

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#RecommendedRead “A Gathering of Heroes” by #PaulEdwinZimmer. #fantasy. Great and fun read. Epic.

“The Gathering of Heroes” is the third book in the Dark Border Series. The first two books were: “The Lost Prince”   and “King Chondos Ride”. all of them have intense military drama, great battle scenes and fantasy elements from a unique world. I was sorry to hear Paul Edwin Zimmer had passed. The series […]

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